About Me

My name is Kelly Rhoades. I am from Lebanon, MO. I am the founding and lead pastor of LifePoint Church. I am passionate about helping people get to know Jesus and live their lives to the fullest. I blog here and at kellyrhoades.com. Virtually every picture on the site is of my family and our adventures in fly fishing.

I have fished all my life, and have been fly fishing since I was 12. My first time fly fishing was magic! I caught my first fish on the fly with my first cast, on the first fly I ever tied, the trifecta! I will never forget the moment when the bass engulfed that piece of foam and feathers I had tied to a hook. It was a 6 pound largemouth bass in my grandpa’s farm pond, and it changed me.

I grew up fishing in every pond, stream, and lake within 3 hours from home, but there was something about hooking up on a fly rod that set this sport apart for me. I not only love it, I love to help other people fall in love with it too. I have taken time to research every piece of equipment I recommend on this site, in many cases I have either owned it or have had my hands on the product at some point. I refuse to recommend anything that has a poor reputation. In full disclosure, should you choose to buy from these links, I will receive a small commission, for which I wold be extremely grateful, so thank you in advance! Overall, I want you to have good, dependable equipment so that you enjoy this amazing sport as much as I do. So whether you just watched “A River Runs Though It” and want to give it a whirl, or if you simply love nature and are looking for a challenge, this site is for you. Welcome to my world! Let’s get out there and go fly fishing!

– Kelly