Bass and Big Game Flies

Bass and Big Game flies are a breed of their own. They aren’t dainty, they make a lot of noise, move a ton of water, and they catch really big fish. These flies can be fished anywhere along the along the water column, but once you have a big bass bust a bug on top water, you’ll have a new favorite way to fish. These flies tend to be harder to cast, especially for beginners, because of their size and wind resistance. The good news though, is that is that these fish tend to be more fisherman friendly and less spooky than their cold water cousins. While most people think of fly fishing taking place on some cool mountain stream, I cut my teeth in fly fishing by catching largemouth bass in farm ponds and small mouth in the stream. So while this may be out of the scope of what many people when they think of fly fishing, it is exactly what got me hooked!

I recommend that you acquire a diverse fly box for every species you pursue, stocking up on  different colors and sizes will keep you prepared for whatever the day, or night, may bring.

Bass Bugs – These can be made of cork, deer hair, or even foam. They are designed for top water, and some even have a subsurface diving action. These flies bring a lot of action and excitement in the right situation. few things will get your heart pumping like a school of white bass and hybrids hitting on top!


Fruit Cocktail                Dahlberg Diver               Hardbody Popper

Streamers – This is often where you find your money fly, and the bigger the fly, the bigger the fish. While catching any fish on the surface is fun, you stand a greater chance of catching fish if you attack the entire water column. Streamers help you get down to where the fish are.

Wooley Bugger

Crawdad patters

Clouser Minnow

Half and Half

Lefty’s Deceiver

Barry’s Pike Fly

These packages are designed for smallmouth and largemouth bass respectively, they are great overall bass and big game packages with both top water and subsurface flies. They should hold up in any river, farm pond, or lake you take it to, and will catch plenty of bass of all sizes.