Fly Fishing Gifts for Dad

As a dad one of my favorite things to do is take my kids fly fishing, and as far as I can tell, they love it too! If you are looking for a way for you and your father to connect, or if  your dad is an outdoorsman, you may be looking for some fly fishing gifts for dad. The thing is, there are so many options to choose from! It can be overwhelming, but no worries, that’s why I am here!

The first question is: What does Dad have?

The best reason to ask this question is because it will help you avoid replicating the equipment he already has. If he has nothing then good news! Things are wide open for you. I would recommend that you check out my Outfits vs. Components page and select the outfit that you think good ol’ dad would like the best. If your Dad already has quite a bit of fly gear, look to see what he might need. Many times there are some really cool gifts that he would like to have but hasn’t splurged on yet, here are a few ideas that are sure winners that any outdoor Dad would love to have. The clip on head lamp is great for those early mornings or late nights our fishing, these are super handy even when you aren’t fishing! There are two outfits I am recommending if your father doesn’t have any fly fishing gear at all. Tenkara is as simple as it gets and is a great way to get into the sport. The Wright and McGill outfit will have good ol’ Dad on the water in no time and he will have everything he needs for a great start. And lastly every man needs a good knife. Benchmade knives are made in America, hold a great edge, and usually have a clip to help keep them securely in pocket when not in use.



Clip on Head Lamp       Complete Tenkara Outfit        Full Traditional Fly outfit        Great Knife

The next question is: What does Dad need?

Have you heard him dropping hints, or complaining about not having one particular item? Well if you have, it’s a solid bet he will appreciate you buying that for him. Whether he is new to the sport or not, one thing is for sure, if he wants to fly fish, he is going to need flies to help him catch his quarry. Depending on what he pursues, below you will find an assortment of flies sure to put a smile on his face and a fish on his line. Want to sweeten the deal? Give him the gift of a promise that you will go out on the water with him sometime soon.


Trout Fly Assortments       Awesome Bass Bugs      Selection of Wooly Buggers

Lastly: What would be cool for Dad to have?

If your dad is already into fly fishing but doesn’t tie his own flies, getting him a fly tying kit is a no brainer. He will enjoy saving a few bucks by tying his own flies and will find that he can enjoy the sport even when it’s cold and rainy outside.  I personally love to wear waterproof bluetooth headphones while I fish. I can listen to podcasts, music, and can even take calls without tying up my hands which can be pretty handy out on the water.


And lastly a cool hat or a funny dad shirt are sure to be hits for you that even he will enjoy.These would be great gifts for
any Dad for Father’s Day, or any day for that matter! If this doesn’t quite scratch your itch, feel free to peruse the rest of the sire, or send me an email describing what you are looking for and I’ll do my best to help you out!




  1. Norman

    Hello and thanks for sharing fly fishing gifts for dad. with father’s day right around the corner and for dads like us who loves fishing this is a great gift. Fishing is one of my favorite sports and sometimes when we have the chance, my family and I go fishing.
    Your post is well detailed and the gift Idea is wonderful, a gift like this will make dad very happy.

  2. Rob

    Hi there, I really enjoy your site on fly fishing. My dad loves fishing actually. He goes out probably 3 or 4 times a week in his boat. Good to know there are people out there willing to help on what sorts of things fishermen enjoy. I have gone a bunch of times too with him and definitely see myself becoming an avid fishermen like my dad in the future. Thanks for sharing.

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