What You Need

If you are a gear head, you are going to love fly fishing because there is a ton of gear you can get yourself into. If you are more no-nonsense-lets-catch-some-fish type of person, you are going to love it too! You don’t have to have every thing that is out there, but having the right gear does make a huge difference. I fish all year round, in a variety of conditions, for different species of fish, so I have a ton of gear for different situations that I have amassed over time. If you are just getting  started you don’t need everything, but there are some things that you simply must have. The options are almost endless on all of this but you can enjoy the simplicity of minimalism, go all out, or like me enjoy life somewhere in the middle.

To determine what you need you need to have a solid idea of where you are going to be fishing, what the weather conditions are going to be like, and what you are going to be fishing for. Some of the best fishing of the year comes when the temperature drops down into the mid 30s, but when most of us think of fishing, we think only of summer.

Answering these questions will not only help you select your wardrobe, it will help you with fly selection as well. So take some time and take some notes as you navigate through the site. These recommendations are based on my experience, but by no means is this the only way. Enjoy the process and make wise decisions because I think you are going to love fly fishing when you get into it!

Outfits vs. Components

Components:   Fly Rod   Fly Reel   Fly Line   Leaders

Flies:   Trout Flies   Bass and Big Game Flies   Panfish Flies

Vest vs. Packs

Waders and Boots


Polarized Lenses